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Innovation and technology is the lifeline of Amara Raja, through which we strive to provide high- quality products that meet the ever-growing needs of our customers. Amara Raja has been behind some of the best innovations in technology that India has seen. Advanced manufacturing facilities at Amara Raja are a testimony to its technology leadership and has been its hallmark since inception. We undertake both fundamental and research projects annually with an aim to constantly help improve the performance of our products. With innovative engineering, research and design, Amara Raja has grown through partnerships and information sharing with world leaders.

A UPS battery is meant to provide back-up. So what’s the back-up to the back-up? Shall we say, Technology?


To excel in developing sustainable, green energy products and provide technology leadership in stored energy systems.


As a result of our Technology and Research efforts, there have been a plethora of benefits that could be brought over the years and a list of such benefits but not limited to these alone are:

  • Anticipating futuristic customer needs and developing lightweight batteries with lead material sustainability
  • Introducing advanced technologies to set an industry benchmark in manufacturing metrics of efficiency, productivity and environmental standards
  • Achieving world-class quality with process capability, consistency and product performance
  • Exploration of environmentally friendly operations/ materials
  • Manufacturing Technology upgradation to make the batteries robust and high-end performer
  • Energy saving projects through Smart Solar management systems and has roof top installation base of around 15.274 MWp solar panels in ARGC plant
  • Material/Process development activities for enhancing battery performance and cost-efficiency
  • New product development for emerging applications
  • Research on New Energy Storage Technologies/ Non-Lead Acid Technologies
  • Value engineering efforts for product improvements
  • Efficiency enhanced performance and reliability of the product conservation & resource-saving
  • Development of Li-ion batteries for EV applications which supports for green revolution and protects the environment