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Amaron Quanta-SXEL Tubular Range

This new generation of Tubular Battery is big in power storage and enduring in performance. Amaron Quanta S-Xel is a fail-safe battery that allows rapid charge & delivers high power, built with the highest technical competence in its class.

This product is the industry's first product with acid circulation formation process technology, enhancing the life of the battery.

  • C10 models: 75Ah to 200Ah RANGE
  • C20 models: 80Ah to 225Ah RANGE

Performance Edge

  • High-Pressure Spine casting (> 100 Bar) mitigates corrosion-prone zones and provides superior life
  • Advanced wet pasting process delivers consistent power
  • Lower internal resistance allows rapid recharge and low self-discharge
  • Unique Acid Circulation System (ACS) formation process enhances battery life and reduces water loss
  • Automated cast-on-strap delivers durability & performance
  • Rigid & integrated terminal connectivity provides sustainable strength

Key Applications


Small Offices


Industrial Inverters