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Modern-day data centers have huge amounts of critical data, hyper-scale operations with zero interruptions and no downtimes, they demand the highest level of reliability and need high power accommodated in the lowest possible space.  A data center is always on a quest to maximize uptime and one of the most important components aiding this are the backup batteries. Data centers cannot afford downtime; data loss is not just frustrating but also incredibly costly. A high-efficiency UPS and a highly reliable battery are extremely critical building blocks to ensure power availability to a data center during utility power failure.

True to its tagline,
Life Uninterrupted, the Amaron Quanta HWS series is a perfect answer for data center battery requirements.  Specially designed to deliver high power for a short duration as low as 5 minutes, it offers a wide range, extremely reliable, long life and most optimal footprint solution for the uninterrupted working of this critical and most demanding application.  

Power Backup

An uninterruptible power supply and a reliable backup battery is the backbones of any power supply solution, be it in the process industry, service industry, banking infrastructure, or IT/ITES installations. With interconnected systems, high-end automation and critical data being saved, it becomes imperative that every installation is equipped with an uninterrupted power supply, or else the consequences can be debilitating in terms of financial and operational impact.


Amaron Quanta, with a proven track record of more than two decades, offers the most comprehensive range of batteries for UPS applications. The wide range of best-in-class Small & Medium VRLA series and robust Tubular series address all the current and emerging needs of Power backup solutions. Amaron Quanta employs a unique plate design, patented paste recipe, advanced formation process and many such industry firsts offering solutions that have gained the trust and repute of many.


Home Applications

Smart homes today connect various devices offering safety, comfort and functionality for users, bringing the need for power backup solutions that are equally safe and convenient to connect. Home users demand long-duration power backup, long life, maintenance-free, electrically and environmentally safer solutions.  


Amara Raja believes in application-specific design, Amaron Quanta HUPS series is specifically designed for home applications addressing all these needs of safety, convenience and performance to the core. Amaron Quanta HUPS excels in high service life performance, deep cycling capability, quick recharge efficiency, is non-pollutant & shockproof and is a perfect maintenance-free solution for homes.