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Amaron Quanta - Small VRLA

Amaron Quanta Small VRLA is a general-purpose battery designed with updated and advanced AGM Valve Regulated technology and high purity raw material, the battery maintains high consistency for better performance and reliable standby service life.

These batteries are available in a complete range from 7Ah to 18Ah. These small VRLA batteries cover a broad range of applications including Desktop/ UPS, agricultural tools, medical equipment, emergency lighting, electric wheelchairs, alarm and security system applications.

  • 7Ah RANGE
  • 7.2Ah RANGE
  • 9Ah RANGE
  • 12Ah RANGE
  • 18Ah RANGE

Performance Edge

  • Proven AGM technology with non-spillable sealed construction which supports for hassle-free operation
  • Superior high rate discharge performance with low internal resistance
  • High integrity Inter-cell weld between cells provide better reliability, low resistance current path
  • Advanced Absorbent Glass Mat (AGM) separator for superior oxygen recombination efficiency
  • Low Self Discharge rates for extended storage periods
  • Compact design ensures easy handling and no installation constraints
  • High quality, ready to use and eco-friendly battery with maintenance-free characteristics

Key Applications

Telecom backup power supplies

Lawn and garden tools

Emergency backup power supply

Auto control system