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Battery Recycling

When it comes to Safe Lead Recycling Initiatives, we have always been a torchbearer, closely working with various Environmental Groups, NGOs and Government bodies.

ARBL is a part of the Working Group(WG) under World Economic Forum’s(WEF) Global Battery Alliance. Our mission is to improve health, environmental and economic impacts from used lead-acid batteries. Manufacturing and recycling of used lead-acid batteries have been primarily focusing on reducing the number of ULABs recycled in the informal sector.

Over the years, ARBL has been associated with various government bodies, channel partners, internal and external stakeholders in supporting and establishing the circular economy principles to maintain safe and sustainable growth. We have ensured that all our partners are registered with Local Pollution Control Boards and in the process, making sure to sell new batteries to registered dealers only. We, as a responsible organization, have sourced a portion of our Lead and Alloy requirements through safe lead recycling initiatives, by focusing on strengthening the scrap collection processes through establishing reverse logistics operations.

Amaron Quanta Cares

With an aim to support our customers and meet their ever-evolving needs, Amaron Quanta Cares, a customer-oriented service initiative adopted by Amaron Quanta, comes into the picture. The services offered under Amaron Quanta Cares are an example of the strong relationship Amaron Quanta shares with its customers, showcasing our commitment to our customers in bringing them world-class innovative advancements.

Service Highlights

  • Call centers: Quick customer response
  • Channel support: Better reach and improved TAT
  • W.Hs: Immediate spare support
  • BRCs: Empowering field engineers to speed up resolution